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Press Releases - September 2004

Nokia introduces the smartest smartphone for business professionals on the move


NEW YORK - September 8, 2004 -- Nokia (NYSE: NOK), the world leader in mobile communications, today announced the Nokia 9300, a new high-end smartphone with both beauty and brains. With outstanding voice and data capabilities, the Nokia 9300 provides the best all-in-one device for users, regardless of workstyle or lifestyle.

On the outside, the Nokia 9300 is a slim and elegant mobile phone. When opened, the device reveals a full keyboard and 65,536 color screen that can be viewed from almost any angle, at a desk or on the move. The voice functionality of the Nokia 9300 is superior when compared to most data-centric devices that combine PDA-like features with a mobile phone. Additionally, the compact design of the Nokia 9300 makes it effortless to use with either hand.

"The Nokia 9300 will appeal to a wide range of professionals who want powerful functionality from a data-enabled device without compromising the look, comfort, simplicity and usability of a standard mobile phone," said Niklas Savander, senior vice president of Nokia's business device unit. "We believe the Nokia 9300 strikes that balance in one stylish smartphone, without sacrificing the combined functionality that many people require but until now could only get from carrying multiple products."

"For as long as individual users account for the volume of device sales, the styling of a device will be as important to its success in the enterprise, as its range of data capabilities," said Kevin Burden, program manager for IDC. "A device that can be accepted as a person's primary mobile phone as easily as it performs as an application processing platform can have great success in the growing enterprise mobility market."

The Nokia 9300 features one-touch access to personal information and office applications through eight dedicated function buttons on the device's integrated keyboard. A five-way joystick allows users to easily navigate menus to find the features and functions they need to quickly accomplish tasks and find information.

"The Nokia 9300 incorporates what we know about superior usability, elegant design and powerful functionality," continued Savander. "We believe it's the smartest smartphone on the market today. It's an important addition to Nokia's high-end product portfolio."

This tri-mode world phone supports GSM/GPRS/EDGE networks. Five party conference calling via an integrated speakerphone and multiple e-mail clients (with attachments), including BlackBerry Connect* support, enable seamless and encrypted mobile connectivity in and out of the office. The Nokia 9300 also integrates infrared and Bluetooth capabilities, giving users two different ways to wirelessly synchronize their devices to a desktop PC or laptop, as well as exchange data with other mobile devices.

The Nokia 9300 has 80 MB (expandable up to 2 GB with an optional MMC card) of free user memory - more than sufficient for storing emails, documents, presentations, text and multimedia messages, ring tones, data files, calendar notes and "to-do" lists - or downloading applications, for work or play, that are available for the Nokia 9300 from over 1.25 million registered developers.

Additional features include:

  • Bluetooth audio support for handsfree conversations
  • Bluetooth data support and USB connectivity for easy data transfer or synchronization
  • A variety of email clients with a support for IMAP4, POP3, SMTP, SyncML and BlackBerry Connect*
  • Security features including SSL/TLS, IPsec VPN for secure mobile access to corporate information, equipped with personal firewall and anti virus software**
  • High speed internet browsing via HTML/XHTML browsing, HTML 4.01 and JavaScript 1.3 supported
  • An in-built office applications supporting documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and a PDF viewer, to take your office on the road
  • MP3 and multimedia player for entertainment in and out of the office

Planned availability for the Nokia 9300 is in the 1st quarter 2005. Nokia will offer two tri-band versions of the Nokia 9300 - one optimized for mobile networks in Europe and Asia (GSM900/1800/1900 MHz) and one optimized for mobile networks in the Americas (GSM850/1800/1900 MHz), yet both versions are able to roam in GSM networks across regions. For further information on features and availability, please visit For information on pricing, please contact your local Nokia representative.

AT&T Wireless Extends 3G UMTS Service to Dallas and San Diego


DALLAS and SAN DIEGO - Businesses and consumers can now receive access to continuous high-speed wireless data connections and streaming video services as AT&T Wireless turns Dallas and San Diego into the newest "metropolitan hotspots."

AT&T Wireless said its wireless broadband service gives customers the ability to use a handset, PDA or laptop to receive streaming audio and video services; create and share video clips; experience richer and more visually compelling content; and connect to critical business information, in most areas throughout these cities.

"Whether it's the technology corridor of Dallas or the silicon seaside of San Diego, people want access to information quickly, from almost anywhere," said Eric Updyke, vice president - 3G networks for AT&T Wireless. "Our 3G services deliver the high-speed connections and advanced wireless applications that have long been promised to customers."

In July, AT&T Wireless began offering customers in Detroit, Phoenix, San Francisco and Seattle broadband mobile wireless services when it launched the first commercially-available true 3G UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) network in the United States.

Dallas and San Diego customers can access the new wireless broadband service using either the Motorola A845 ($299.99) or Nokia 6651 ($299.99) handsets. In addition to providing access to high-speed wireless data connections and enhanced content through AT&T Wireless' mMode™ , the handsets can be used to make voice calls or access wireless data connections at speeds equivalent to standard wired dial up service, when customers travel outside the six markets.

Customers who purchase a Novatel Wireless Merlin UMTS PC modem card and sign a one-year contract for the unlimited data plan can also can purchase the device for $149.99 (after rebate.) The modem can be used to wireless access a wide range of business applications from the customers laptop.

AT&T Wireless said its wireless broadband service provides customers with average wireless data speeds between 220 and 320 kilobits-per-second (kbps), with bursts up to 384Kbps. In the future, the company noted that UMTS can be easily and cost-effectively upgraded to HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access), which is estimated to attain peak data rates up to 14.4 megabits-per-second (mbps). Additionally, AT&T Wireless offers an extensive portfolio of international GSM devices that enable its customers to use voice services in more than 140 countries and data services in more than 60 countries (with a compatible device).


For consumers, mMode offers a host of high-speed, premium steaming and downloadable video and audio entertainment services. Premium entertainment services provided by RealNetworks®, Inc. give mMode customers the ability to enjoy hours of new, fun and informative content every day, including: ABC News, NPR News, CBS Marketwatch, FOX Sports, Sporting News Radio, The Weather Channel®, as well as, prime time TV and soap opera recaps, movie reviews and trailers, horoscopes, book reviews and more.

AT&T Wireless said mobile professionals will be able to the use the modem or the handsets' Bluetooth or USB connectivity to wirelessly enable a broad range of business systems and applications on handhelds and notebook PCs. UMTS broadband speed and low network latency provide access to web-based and client/server enterprise applications, email with large attachments, corporate networks and intranets, and the Internet. With metro wide area wireless coverage, mobile workers can now respond to urgent customer emails and access vital information anywhere in the UMTS coverage area.

AT&T Wireless said the combination of its recent GSM network improvements, national EDGE upgrade and today's UMTS deployments give its customers access to some of the most advanced wireless voice and data services in the world.

The company's wireless broadband service is available to businesses by contacting an AT&T Wireless' business sales representative. Consumers in Dallas and San Diego can order service by calling 1-800-844-4813. When ordering via phone, most customers will be shipped their new phone or modem within 24 hours. Customers can select from any of AT&T Wireless GSM calling plans for voice services and can receive a monthly unlimited enhanced mMode plan for $24.99. Businesses can purchase unlimited data access for $79.99 per month.

All clear from Siemens: Acoustic issue in the 65 mobile phone series solved


Munich, Sep 7, 2004 - As of today, the mobile communication group of Siemens AG – Siemens mobile for short – is offering new software versions for its 65 product series (C65, CX65, M65, S65, SL65 and the operator variants) that solve the acoustic issue which could arise when playing the shutdown melody. The software versions can be downloaded at . This enables users to update their 65 series mobile phones themselves. In addition, the affected mobile phones can also be updated free of charge via Siemens Customer Service, local Siemens Service Centers and selected retailers and network operators. For Thorsten Heins, head of Mobile Phones at Siemens mobile, one thing is clear: "We deeply regret the uncertainty this has caused among our customers. However, we did not only communicate the issue promptly and openly, but also put every effort into solving the issue in the 65 product series. As of today we are now able to offer a comprehensive solution with the new software versions. And we remain convinced of the success of our products."


Siemens is one of the few mobile telephone manufacturers to offer simple and proven software updating for its phones by end users themselves. The self-update was launched for the 45 product series and had been further developed in response to the widespread demand. In addition to the classic update options (retailers, Siemens Service Centers and Hotline) end users can also update their telephones by downloading new software releases at and so quickly benefit from the improvements in the software.

For the future Siemens is planning to make upgrading device software completely automatic via mobile network operators. Instead of replacing the entire device software, small components will be updated automatically as and when required. For example, this could involve the software module for the integrated camera, the MMS functionality or the various interfaces, such as Infrared or Bluetooth.

The Siemens Information and Communication Mobile Group (Siemens mobile) is one of the world’s leading full-line suppliers in the field of mobile communication, offering mobile phones, cordless phones, wireless modules and mobile infrastructure technology including radio and switching components, enabling services and applications, consulting services and systems integration. The mobile communication group of Siemens AG markets products and services in more than 120 countries, generating sales of € 10 billion with a workforce of some 26,900 people in fiscal 2003 (September 30). Siemens mobile is the world market leader in prepaid solutions and digital cordless phones.

All clear from Siemens: Acoustic issue in the 65 mobile phone series solved


September 1, 2004 -- Nokia today announced that it has shipped its one millionth game deck globally since the sales of the N-Gage platform started eleven months ago. The sale of one million N-Gage and N-Gage QD game decks marks a significant milestone in the world of portable gaming, placing the N-Gage platform at the forefront of the mobile gaming world. Combining a pocketable gaming platform with powerful smartphone features, the N-Gage gives gamers a chance to experience mobile multiplayer gaming in a revolutionary way.

"We're proud to have reached the one million milestone. Thanks to the enthusiastic consumer response to the N-Gage QD and our latest titles, we're confident that our success in leading the mobile gaming world will continue," said Ilkka Raiskinen, Nokia's Senior Vice President of Games. "We're also proud to have signed up over 100,000 N-Gage Arena members, which shows that gamers are inspired to connect and compete with other mobile gamers from around the world."

The N-Gage Arena is the worldwide mobile gamer community where members can communicate with each other, compete against gamers across the globe, and enjoy exclusive content, events and activities. Members can connect to the N-Gage Arena via their game deck, Arena-enabled game or the Internet.

"The N-Gage Arena offers us an opportunity to create innovative new gameplay features for EA franchises like The Sims or Tiger Woods PGA Tour," said Nancy Smith, Executive Vice President, General Manager, North America Publishing at Electronic Arts. "In reaching the one million milestone, we see that the N-Gage is establishing itself as a serious player in the portable gaming business."

With a growing portfolio of exciting games, the N-Gage offers consumers the possibility to play exclusive N-Gage only games as well as some of their favorite brands from publishers like Activision, Electronic Arts, Gameloft and THQ. The 2004 holiday season will see the N-Gage portfolio expand even further, with eagerly anticipated games such as Pathway to Glory, Pocket Kingdom: Own the World, FIFA 2005 and others.

About N-Gage

The N-Gage game deck is an innovative mobile device that is creating an entirely new market for the games industry. Built for active gamers, the N-Gage platform is the first mobile and connected game deck to feature online high-quality 3D multiplayer gameplay over Bluetooth wireless technology and GPRS. The N-Gage device also offers unique online games services as well as a comprehensive and growing games catalogue from the leading game publishers. Nokia is the world leader in mobile communications. Nokia and N-Gage are trademarks or registered trademarks of Nokia Corporation.