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WaveCom Q26 Extreme

WaveCome Q26 Extreme

The 2G/3G Q26 Extreme is equipped with antenna diversity and runs at peak data rates up to 7.2Mbps HSDPA and 2Mbps HSUPA with automated 2G/3G handover. Q26 Extreme is the first dual-mode quad-band GSM, GPRS, EDGE and tri-band HSDPA and HSUPA programmable Wireless CPU® in the world. The built in duo-core application processor provides dedicated application processing ARM9 power at up to 104MHz, programmable in C and/or Lua.

Core processor ARM946/DSP, 32 bit, 26-104 MHz running Open AT® RTOS as standard
Memory Internal 64Mb Flash and 32Mb PSRAM
Digital Control Up to 45 GPIOs (26 GPIOs 2.8V, 19 GPIO’s 1V8), 2 SPI, 1 I2C, 5x5 keyboard
Digital Comms 2 UART, USB 2.0, 1 16 bit parallel port
Analogue Interfaces 2 ADC, 1 DAC
Audio Interfaces 2 speakers and 2 microphones, PCM digital interface (768 KHz, 16bits data MSB first, Master)
Cellular Radio Tri band UMTS/HSxPA (WCDMA/FDD), Quad Band GSM 850/1900/2100 MHz (band I, II, V), Quad band 850/900/1800/1900
Cellular Data GSM + GPRS multi slot class 12, EDGE (E-GPRS) multi slot Class 12, WCDMA, HSxPA
Cellular Voice Quad codec (FR/HR/EFR/AMR) for GSM and AMR for WCDMA, VDA2A RF and IO connectivity Main RF connection with UFL or antenna pad, diversity RF connection with antenna pad
Dimensions L40 x W32 x H 6.55mm


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