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Quik Q26 Elite

WaveCom Q26 Elite

The Q26 Elite Wireless CPU ® is a CDMA 1xRTT wireless device that when integrated will allow any application or machine to send voice and data over a CDMA wireless network. The Q26 Elite utilizes the new Qualcomm QSC6055 chipset, ensuring availability for many years to come. It comes in the same form factor as all of Wavecom’s Q26 Wireless CPU® devices, enabling one hardware platform design to be used for all wireless technologies.

Core processor ARM9, 32 bit, 192 MHz
Digital Control Up to 20 GPIO, I2C, 5x5 keyboard
Digital Comms 2 UART, USB
Analogue Interfaces 2 ADC, DAC
Audio Interfaces 2 analog differential audio, 1 PCM
Cellular Radio Dual Band 800/1900 MHz
Cellular Data CDMA 2000 1xRTT
Location Solution gpsOne®
RF and IO connectivity 2 UFL (RF & GPS) with option for board to board connections, 100 I/O pin system connector
Dimensions 40.0mm x 32.2mm x 6.6mm


Auron SMS Server is a Windows-based software package that enables you to send, receive and process SMS and e-mail messages. Supported communication protocols: GSM, HTTP, SMPP, SMTP, POP3. Incoming messages are processed by 'triggers', and can be fully customized.

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