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Motorola G30 GSM/GPRS wireless module

Motorola G30 GSM/GPRS wireless module

The G30 GSM/GPRS Series features small dimensions and a cost-effective design, making it an ideal choice for AMR, telematics, security, and ePOS. The G30 Series is offered in three tiers, each supporting a Land Grid Array (LGA) form factor or optional 70-pin B2B Connector, for virtually unlimited M2M design possibilities. The G30basic includes a rich set of features like quadband GSM, an extended temperature range, jamming detection, FOTA and embedded data protocols. The G30advanced provides full-duplex audio and Embedded SIM technology to the already feature-rich G30basic. The G30premium features an embedded application space for easy M2M development, eliminating the need for an external CPU.


  • Compact LGA Package -Land grid array (LGA) form factor, featuring surface mount technology (SMT) enables small dimensions and cost effective design.
  • M2M Programming Platform - On-board software layer, allowing custom applications written in C language to interface with module's hardware resources.
  • Multiplexing Support - The G30 features multiplexing (MUX 27.010) over the UART RS232 connection, for multiple simultaneous sessions, enabling more efficient data processing.
  • FOTA - Firmware upgrade over-the-air (FOTA) allows the module’s firmware to be remotely updated thus eliminating the need for manual field updates.
  • Internal TCP/IP - An industry-standard, nonproprietary set of communications protocols that provide reliable end-to-end connections between applications over interconnected networks of different types.
  • FTP - An application protocol used for transferring files to and from host computers.
  • Voice features - Telephony, digital audio, differential analog audio lines, vocoders EFR/HR/FR/AMR, DMTF support, echo and noise suppression, and side tone.
  • Fully type approved - Regulatory and approval of the FCC, ICC, PTCRB, R&TTE, GCF, EMC, and RoHS/WEEE.


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