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Rutronik GT864 Terminal

Rutronik GT864 Terminal

The GT864 terminal is the complete modem solution for wireless m2m applications based on the GE864 core engine with Quad-Band, integrated SIM card reader and RoHS compliance as well as other additional features. The GT864 offers all relevant data services over the GSM/GPRS networks, extended temperature, integrated TCP/IP stack, directly controlled by a standard serial RS-232 interface and with a broad supply voltage range (5 - 36V DC), which makes GT864 terminal a complete stand alone solution for m2m applications. The Telit GT864-QUAD models have analog audio I/Os at the mini USB type connector that supports the connectivity of a headset while the Telit GT864-PY models have on the same connector General Purpose Inputs. The GT864-PY offers the possibility to run a customer code inside the module, thus making this terminal a complete hardware platform for individual customer solutions. As a part of Telit's corporate policy of environmental protection, all new Telit products comply to the RoHS directive of the European Union.

Key Features:

  • Quad-band EGSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
  • Control via AT commands according to GSM 07.05, 07.07 and Telit enhancements
  • Supply Voltage Range: 5 - 36V DC
  • Dimensions: 77 x 67 x 26 mm
  • Weight: 90 grams
  • Temperature Range: -30C to +75C
  • 4 General Purpose inputs (GT864-PY only)
  • Analog audio (GT864-QUAD only)
  • 1 A/D converter (GT864-PY only)
  • D-Type 9 pin connector for RS-232 communication
  • On board SIM card holder
  • 3x LED for status indication
  • Jamming Detection & Report
  • Embedded TCP/IP stack, including TCP, IP, UDP, SMTP and FTP protocol
  • Serial port multiplexer GSM 7.10
  • SIM access profile
  • Python script interpreter (alloes driving the module "internally" implementing the application code directly in the Python language), (GT864-PY only)
  • "EASY SCAN" automatic scan over GSM frequencies (also without SIM card)


Auron SMS Server is a Windows-based software package that enables you to send, receive and process SMS and e-mail messages. Supported communication protocols: GSM, HTTP, SMPP, SMTP, POP3. Incoming messages are processed by 'triggers', and can be fully customized.

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