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Rutronik GS64 Terminal

Rutronik GS64 Terminal

The programmable GSM/GPRS Quad Band Modem with TCP/IP stack, mini USB and RS232 port The GS64 Terminal is a self contained unit featuring the latest GSM / GPRS technology from Wavecom. Since the GS64 Terminal is mainly mechanical and electrical compatible to the Sony Ericsson GM29 GSM/GPRS Terminal, the GS64 Terminal can be seen as a very powerful successor for today's users of GTM29. GS64 Terminal is the excellent product for system integrators who focus on application development by using a ready to start modem with standard connectors.

Key Features:

  • RS232 serial port
  • USB port
  • Quad Band
  • GPRS Class 10
  • TCP/IP stack
  • SMS and CSD
  • 5-36 V DC supply
  • -30C to +75C
  • CE approval
  • FCC approval
  • E-Marking
  • RoHS compliant
  • 3 Status LEDs
  • SIM card holder
  • Ideal for today's GM29 users
  • I/O variants available
  • Made in Germany


Auron SMS Server is a Windows-based software package that enables you to send, receive and process SMS and e-mail messages. Supported communication protocols: GSM, HTTP, SMPP, SMTP, POP3. Incoming messages are processed by 'triggers', and can be fully customized.

It's a framework for any scenario where one/two-way SMS is required. Create a voting/polling system, send out mass SMS broadcasts, create a reservation system, etc.. Real-life case-studies are included as sample projects.