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Novatel Merlin CC760 2-in-1 ComboCard Modem


Introducing the Merlin CC760 2-in-1 modem by Novatel Wireless. The only ExpressCard with an integrated PC Card adapter broadband Internet device currently available with NovaSpeed®. Available for use 3.1 Mbps 3G CDMA EV-DO Rev. A mobile broadband networks. In today’s fast-paced world, businesses and consumers alike require seamless solutions for high-speed data access to critical applications. The GPS† capable Merlin CC760 provides users the flexibility to use a broadband card modem, regardless of whether or not the notebook they are using has a PC Card or an ExpressCard slot.

Key Features

  • Connect to the Internet, access email and download files 24/7
  • Integrated adapter provides versatility for use with Windows® and Mac® notebook
  • computers equipped with ExpressCard or PC Card slots
  • NovaSpeed® Performance Enhancing Technology from Novatel Wireless
  • External Antenna Option
  • GPS capable
  • Advanced embedded antenna design to improve signal reception
  • Easy-install with user-friendly MobiLink software

Key Benefits

  • 2-way text messaging, NDIS, driver support, secure VPN capability
  • intuitive LED indicators, auto-install, and auto-connectivity
  • Award-Winning Manufacturer


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