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WaveCom Q2438 CDMA wireless module


Designed for fast and easy integration, the Q2438 is a Dual Band (800/1900MHz) product. The Wireless CPU provides end application devices with wireless connectivity, high-speed data transfer, and advanced features such as gpsOne, TCP/IP, and multiplexing of voice and data. The Q24x8 family is designed to target the vertical applications market such as Telematics, Machine-to-Machine Interfaces and Mobile applications. The Q2438 CDMA Wireless CPU is based on the Qualcomm MSM6050 Mobile Station Modem.


  • Telemetry;
  • Security;
  • Electronic Point-Of-Sale (EPOS) industries;
  • Delivery and hand-held terminal markets.


  • CDMA2000 1XRTT (IS-2000) (Dual Band);
  • Data rates up to 153 kbps forward and reverse;
  • 8Mbytes of Flash Memory;
  • 4Mbytes of Pseudo SRAM;
  • Voice mode;
  • ARM7TDMI embedded microprocessor subsystem;
  • General-Purpose Interface bus;
  • Battery Management;
  • Charge control;
  • Ringer driver;
  • Keypad;
  • R-UIM interface.